Bring in the Greens...

Well hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve last checked in, but I'm back, with news, tips and a few recipes along the way.

As always I’m going to wax lyrical about the Petite Produce Box, mainly because receiving one on a Monday afternoon is one of the highlights of my week. Not such a surprise for me as I know what’s coming, but I still squeal with delight as I unpack my goodies and playfully fight over produce with my ‘toddlerteen.’

As the seasons change, (yes it is happening) and we say adjieu to the sweet Summer stone fruit take a little time out from avocados and farewell to corn for another year. We start welcoming back the greens. Which to be honest is fine by me. Dark leafy greens, crunchy beans and coriander (poor Coriander doesn’t worship the sun) are all present in this weeks PPB. Purple Sprouting is back on the menu and apples and pears have never tasted better than right now!

But this week I’m going to turn your attention to the Green Chard sitting pretty in your box of goodness. Grown lovingly by Te Manaia Organics, this fleshy but tender deep green leafy vegetable with tender stalks is awaiting some culinary attention. Green chard has a similar taste to spinach but is slightly stronger, some say bitter, I say more assertive and crisper (great for a green juice with ginger, lime and coriander)

Delicious on its own stir-fried with your choice of Asian condiments or throw in smoked tofu and chilli.

Or you could break away from the obvious and put it in a pie!! Yessss. Put in a pastry!

Check out this green chard and mozzarella rustic tart recipe. Click HERE for the's not a Jennifer Huxley 'special' BUT it is simple, makes complete sense AND it is goooood. Only thing I would add... scatter a few balls of bocconcini (or small lumps of fresh mozzarella) and sprinkle a few bits of chilli and hey presto. Breakfast, lunch or dinner of Green Gods.

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