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Spoon Me, Wellington

Jenny Huxley from Spoon Me makes delicious, nutritious & gorgeous looking salads boxed up & ready to eat on the go. Her salads are made with the freshest vegetables and herbs & wholesome grains or legumes making an ideal meal for one or a wonderful side dish for the family meal. Think white beans with feta, sumac, chilli & silverbeet or puy lentils with roasted parsnip, kumara, cherry tomatoes & thyme. 

Although Jenny has a background in performing arts & fashion, she was inspired to change her career in 2005 as a result of her annual wwoofing holidays in Europe, South America & India. She then undertook a biodynamic apprenticeship to support her interest in organics, Rudolph Steiner & nutrition and soon began growing heirloom vegetables for the London Borough Market.

Since then, Jenny has had plenty of experience working with food. She has spent 10 years working in all facets of hospitality, managing restaurants, organising events and, most recently since immigrating to NZ, managing a production kitchen for an iconic Wellington Cafe.

"Essentially I make the kind of food I would wish to buy if I was eating on the go or as a great take home option to accompany a beautiful piece of protein. I try to find creative alternatives without compromising on taste or exploiting food fads."

Jenny has a simple food philosophy; we are what we eat and if we can't identify what we're eating then we shouldn't be eating it! 

Jenny currently makes two types of salads - vegan & vegetarian - in two sizes. The flavours change weekly and will be posted online each Monday for the following Monday delivery.

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