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Montfoort Stroopwafels, Wellington

Montfoort makes delicious Dutch fare, using honest ingredients, traditional methods and carefully crafted recipes. 
As the daughter of a Dutchman, Eloise van Wynbergen was raised on a strict diet of stroopwafels, licorice and speculaas. Not to mention the expertly crafted kroketten and appeltaarts that her kiwi mother whipped up with ease! After a trip to the motherland and experiencing the goods first hand, Eloise was convinced fresh is best.
And so along came Montfoort. With a simple, yet exciting mission: To showcase the best of Dutch street food using honets, fresh ingredients and traditional methods, while keeping it inventive and fun. 
Every weekend you'll find Eloise & Andrew at the local Wellington markets with something different but always delicious on offer. 
And now we're lucky enough to have their Stroopwafels online. These classic Dutch biscuits are filled with a gooey spiced caramel - and a few secret spices for good measure.  Best sampled after popping them on top of your favourite hot brew to soften up, Montfoort Stroopwafels are the perfect treat to share around the office, offer as a wee "thank you gift", to send in a care package or simply to have delivered to your doorstep to enjoy in solitude!
For more information about Montfoort and their stroopwafels, visit their website here. To order some stroopwafels now, click here.

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