Montfoort Stroopwafels, Wellington

Posted on November 10, 2014 by Jo Freeman
Montfoort makes delicious Dutch fare, using honest ingredients, traditional methods and carefully crafted recipes. 
As the daughter of a Dutchman, Eloise van Wynbergen was raised on a strict diet of stroopwafels, licorice and speculaas. Not to mention the expertly crafted kroketten and appeltaarts that her kiwi mother whipped up with ease! After a trip to the motherland and experiencing the goods first hand, Eloise was convinced fresh is best.
And so along came Montfoort. With a simple, yet exciting mission: To showcase the best of Dutch street food using honets, fresh ingredients and traditional methods, while keeping it inventive and fun. 
Every weekend you'll find Eloise & Andrew at the local Wellington markets with something different but always delicious on offer. 
And now we're lucky enough to have their Stroopwafels online. These classic Dutch biscuits are filled with a gooey spiced caramel - and a few secret spices for good measure.  Best sampled after popping them on top of your favourite hot brew to soften up, Montfoort Stroopwafels are the perfect treat to share around the office, offer as a wee "thank you gift", to send in a care package or simply to have delivered to your doorstep to enjoy in solitude!
For more information about Montfoort and their stroopwafels, visit their website here. To order some stroopwafels now, click here.

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Leeds St Bakery, Wellington

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Jo Freeman

Tucked away down Leeds St, between Ghuznee & Dixon St, Leeds Street Bakery is the newest venture of brothers Shepherd & Jesse from 'Ti Kouka Cafe'. And it has already made its mark in Wellington with its salted caramel cookies, scones & fresh bread flying out the door. 

The brother's have applied the same philosophy at Leeds St Bakery as they do in Ti Kouka Cafe. "We only use the best local ingredients, and we believe this gives our food and drinks an edge that you can taste." They use local, sustainable, organic and seasonal produce when ever possible. And you only need to bite into a loaf of their bread or nibble at some of their baking to tell it is made with the utmost care.

With over 15 years experience as a chef, Shepherd has been working on the breads for the bakery for the past year - so far the range includes 100% organic wholemeal and white sourdough loaves; olive, thyme & lemon sourdough; baguettes, brioche, polenta and rosemary loaf, and ryebread. Some of which you'll see on Urban Harvest over the next few weeks.

Leeds St Bakery also whip up delicious sweet treats each day - many of them gluten free - for you to share with friends or family. Or, if you're like me, to hide away and eat all by yourself! Lemon sour cakes, mini carrot cakes with honey cream cheese icing (how good does that sound!), raspberry & chocolate brownies, berry friands and of course the "famous in Wellington" salted caramel (or chocolate) cookies.

We're really excited to welcome Leeds St Bakery to the Urban Harvest family of suppliers.

To find out more or keep up to date with what's happening at Leeds St Bakery, like them on Facebook here

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Brumby's Bakery, Johnsonville, Wellington

Posted on February 09, 2014 by Jo Freeman

Brumby’s Johnsonville is locally owned and operated (by brother in laws, Geoff Miller & Greg Price) and has been serving the community with freshly baked bread daily for over 10 years.

All their breads are made from the traditional scratch method of baking, which means they're baked fresh daily with no preservatives used in any of the breads.  Most importantly it tastes great with lots of Mums saying it is the only sandwich bread that doesn’t come home again in the school lunch box!

Geoff & Greg believe in giving back to their local community which is why they donate all unsold product at the end of each day to charity and support many local schools, groups and events.

Brumby’s Johnsonville are offering the choice of their tasty white, wholemeal and 12 cereal loaves with the convenience of choosing how you would like it – unsliced, sandwich sliced, toast sliced or even half and half (half sandwich slice and half toast slice). 

Simple, wholesome real baked bread made from scratch and baked fresh everyday for your enjoyment from Brumby’s Johnsonville.

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