Fix & Fogg, Wellington

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Jo Freeman

Andrea & Roman Jewell love peanut butter.  Actually, they're probably more at the 'fairly obsessed' end of the peanut butter spectrum.

As "massive foodies", they love nothing better than making their own food from scratch and, with a young family, are also concerned about what they eat.  Says Roman: "We thought peanut butter was a healthy natural product, but we found a lot of brands were full of added emulsifiers, preservatives, sugar and too much salt. Not enough attention was being given to the colour and taste of roasted peanuts."

So they began making homemade peanut butter in their Aro Valley home, keen to keep it both simple and healthy. And it all started from there. An obsession turned into a business. Roman quit his law job and started grinding nuts & turning them into peanut butter. 

Fix & Fogg now operate out of a tiny Nut Buttery, tucked away under some stairs in Eva St, central Wellington. There they roast the hi-oleic nuts imported from Australia themselves to an extra dark roast (their dedication evident in numerous burns endured through constant checking), grind the nuts and then hand blend the ground nuts with a sprinkling of Malborough sea salt &, in the case of Super Crunchy, coarser nuts. They even pipe the peanut butter into jars by hand. 

And, to prove just how healthy Fix & Fogg peanut butter is, Andrea & Roman had it nutritionally analysed. The results reveal that the fat, sugar and salt content are much lower than standard peanut butter.  So as well as tasting lip smackingly good, it is really good for your body too.

If you're wondering about the name - their peanut butter is named after two characters from the adventure novel Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne; Phileas Fogg and Detective Fix. The Jewells really liked the idea that their peanut butter journey would also be an adventure. Urban Harvest is super excited to be a part of that adventure.

To find out more about Fix & Fogg, visit their website here. And to add some Fix & Fogg peanut butter to your bag, click here.

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