All Good Bananas,

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Jo Freeman

All Good Fairtrade Bananas, New Zealand’s only Fairtrade certified bananas, are sourced from a small cooperative of over 400 family owned farms called El Guabo in Ecuador. Fairtrade helps these smaller farmers lift themselves out of poverty by guaranteeing that the minimum price paid for their produce is above the average local cost of production. It guarantees them a fair deal, safe and fair working conditions and a decent standard of living.

Fairtrade also means a Fairtrade premium is invested back into community initiatives in El Guabo to support the growers, workers and their families, including health care, education and sustainable agricultural practices. The distribution of this premium in the community is decided upon democratically by the farmers themselves.

El Guabo is also one of the oldest Fairtrade certified exporters in the world and has 300 farms producing organic certified fruit. Control Union is the organic certifier used by El Guabo. Organic bananas are grown without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. El Guabo farmers use organic fertilisers made from the by-products from the local farms and industry including harvested and processed coca (coffee), rice grasses, ash and local soil. Integrated pest management systems encourage biodiversity and farmers either weed by hand or mulch in order to prevent weeds. 

All Good Organics is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business and believes in healthy eating with a healthy conscience. 

Visit their website www.allgoodbananas.co.nz to find out more.

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Pernel Fruitworld, Hawke's Bay

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Jo Freeman

The Mardon family has been orcharding on their Hawke's Bay property for over 60 years gradually expanding it to its present 33 hectare or 73 acre size. They have traditionally concentrated on growing apples for export with two-thirds of the orchard being planted with some of the world's best varieties, such as Royal Gala, Fuji, Pacific Rose, Pink Lady and more recently Jazz® and Envy®. 

The rest of their orchard is planted mainly with stonefruit including peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums. Although, they do grow quite a range of European Pears as well.  All in all, the Mardon brothers grow 85 different varieties of fruit commercially therefore extending their harvest over a long period of time.  They pick the first of their peaches in late November/early December while by late April they have harvested the last of the apples.

Pernel Fruitworld use an IFP (Integrated Fruit Production) programme on their orchard. This allows them to greatly reduce the use of broad-spectrum chemicals but still allow the production of high quality fruit.

For more information about Pernel Fruitworld, visit their website here.

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Cuba Fruit Mart, Wellington

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Jo Freeman

Brother & sister team Sanjay & Joshna Dayal are carrying on a family tradition, supplying the best quality fruit and vegetables to loyal customers and restaurants, including Logan Brown, from their Cuba St store. Their grandfather, Dayal Makan, started out selling produce in Cuba St in the early 1960s but soon passed on the mantal to his three sons Wally, Magan, and Lucky Dayal. Customers used to queue at 6am for the shop to open in hope of getting the pick of the fruit and vege.  In the late 80's the brothers decided to diversify and started supplying wholesale produce to restaurants and other businesses.  However, Sanjay and Joshna still love the retail side of the business in colourful Cuba St and consider many of their long term customers good friends.   

Although the Dayals do not grow their own fruit and vegetables, they know their stuff and source only the best quality fruit and vegetables from the wholesale markets each day. Sanjay visits the markets at 6am six days a week and the product he sources for Urban Harvest to supply its customers is top notch and is New Zealand grown (unless otherwise stated). Although Cuba Fruit sources the produce, Urban Harvest sets the retail prices for this produce and does its best to ensure these prices are competitive. If there are particular fruit or vegetables you'd like to see online, do let us know as Sanjay may well be able to source it.

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Zoe's Garden, Hawke's Bay

Posted on March 02, 2014 by Jo Freeman

Based in Hawke’s Bay, Zoe’s Garden supplies Urban Harvest customers with a comprehensive range of fresh and processed produce.

Kelvin, and daughter Kylee, are strong advocates of the farmers' market concept and direct to consumer services offered by Urban Harvest. Their philosophy is based around providing fresh produce to the consumer as soon as possible after harvest. The Zoe's garden range of produce includes tomatoes, capsicums, aubergines, cucumbers, beans, leeks, garlic, vegetable and salad greens, baby vegetables, micro-greens, gherkins, herbs & chillies and they are always looking for interesting tasty vegetable varieties to grow. 

Zoe's Garden range of chutneys and relishes are also available through Urban Harvest and a network of deli and specialty stores throughout NZ.

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