Feast & Vine Scream-Licious Ice-cream, Wellington

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Jo Freeman

It's hard to forget your first ice cream cone. Donna McCormack of Wellington's Feast & Vine Scream-licious Ice Cream thinks of hand churned ice cream & handmade cones as the ultimate comfort food. A feeling that probably goes back to her rural upbringing in Northern California. That is where her interest in the study of tastes & flavours, wine & food matching and cooking in general began.

Donna's philosophy about ingredients is really very simple - make sure you eat the real stuff and the freshest local ingredients you can find - like real butter, real eggs and real vanilla. The kind of ingredients that you find at Urban Harvest, ingredients and produce from farm to table suppliers, just the way Donna has always liked it too.

With Donna's collection of small batch savoury scream-licious ice creams, and cone-licious orange zest hand crafted cones, Donna hopes the Urban Harvest family will be delighted to explore unique ice cream flavours & tastes for a new sensory experience.

From 1 November 2014, the following hand-crafted flavours will be available online via Urban Harvest or at Donna's Friday scoop shop at Urban Harvest HQ in Hania St (from 2-4pm):

  • Chunky Chocolate
  • Honey Vanilla
  • Lemon Boysenberry
  • Bourbon Vanilla with Salted Pecans (new!)
  • Tequila & Lime (new!)

Click here to pop a tub in your bag for delivery after 1 November. They will be available to order online from 24 October 2014.

Donna has studied tastes & flavours, wine & food matching and other culinary principals around the world and most notably at the Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley. Donna has lived and worked in San Fransisco, Oslo, New York City and Hong Kong and has spent extensive time throughout Asia & Europe attending various culinary schools, courses & seminars. This is her first ice cream product range drawing from years of international taste & flavour study. We are delighted to have Donna & her Scream-licious ice cream as part of the Urban Harvest family.

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