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Jerusalem artichokes are a beautiful vegetable, which I think are very under used. Probably because they have very tough skin when cooked and are time consuming to peel. With this recipe you don’t need to peel them and you strain away all of the tough skin. This gives you a lovely earthy, caramel flavored soup, which goes well with mushrooms, garlic croutons and yoghurt. The celeriac gives the soup a nice velvety texture, but doesn’t need to be added if you don’t have any. Chipotle chillis are a jalapeno chilli that has been smoked. They are have a nice smokey,...

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When the winter cold hits, I start hankering for warming pies, nourishing soups & hearty stews. One of my family's favourite pies are these little chicken, leek & bacon pies. We have great individual pie tins at home but these work equally well (and look ultra cute) in ramekins as well. I like to serve these with a green salad tossed with loads of herbs or with a potato & celeriac puree. Makes 4 small pies. Ingredients: 40g unsalted butter 1 tbp olive oil  1 leek(pale part), thinly sliced 100g Harringtons dry-cured loin bacon, rind removed, chopped 500g boneless chicken...

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