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Jersey Girl Organic A2 Milk 1L (Glass reusable bottle)

Jersey Girl Organic A2 Milk 1L (Glass reusable bottle)

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We've partnered with Jersey Girl Farms to bring you organic A2 milk in reusable glass bottles! We're super excited to be offering a sustainable option if you're looking to reduce waste in your workplace.

Pasteurised but not homogenised organic A2 milk. Higher in protein, suitable for those with dairy intolerances and easier to digest.

First/One-off purchase - purchase the glass bottle + milk ($9.00). If you make a one off purchase and return the clean bottle & lid, we will refund you $4.50. 

Refill/Subscription - if you return the glass bottle for refilling, you will only be charged for the cost of the milk ongoing ($4.50 per 1L).

A friendly reminder to that if you add the milk to your subscription, hop online the week after your first purchase to swap from 'bottle + milk' to 'refill' only. This way you'll only be charged for the milk thereafter. Or, if you'd like us to update your subscription for you feel free to get in contact and we're happy to do so. Email:

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