Catering Options


(minimum order 6 per item, prices include GST)

(minimum order 6 per item, prices include GST)

Fruit Platters

Jelly Belly Salads

Our nourishing salads are jam packed with grains, legumes and the freshest seasonal vegetables and herbs. All salads are served in large bowls. Medium size salad $40 to serve 7-8 people. Large salad $78 for 12-15 people (about 1 cup per serve). Prices include GST. 

Vege = Vegetarian

GF = Gluten Free

V = Vegan

All salads can be made Vegan or GF on request (if not already).

Jelly Belly Sandwiches

For a classic 'ham, cheese & pickle' or something a little crazy, our Jelly Belly sandwiches are made from delicious fresh, local ingredients. You can choose grain or plain sourdough from Wellington Sourdough Company. If you don’t specify, we will use our favourite loaf from Wellington Sourdough. All Sandwiches can be made GF… just ask! Sandwiches are $12 each. (Minimum order 5 sammies per filling/bread type). Prices Include GST. Sandwich fillings currently include:


Enjoy our warming, nourishing soup, perfect for Winter work lunches.
Will need heating on stovetop or in microwave. $22 for 1L jar of soup. $5 extra for fresh house made rosemary focaccia (20x15cm)

Working Platters

Perfect for a working lunch, evening drinks or all day grazing. All savoury platters are $12.50 per person, except for the Bagel Platter which is $14.80 per person (due to Salmon cost) and can be made any size (although minimum 8 people per platter). The Sweet & Fruit platter is $3.50 per person for 1 item and 1 serving of fruit per person. All platters can be made to cater for dietaries on request (e.g. vegan/gf)

 Chef’s Choice

Can’t decide? Leave it up to our chef. Minimum order 5.

Option 1: 1 x Savoury, 1 x Sandwich, 1 x Sweet, $22 per person

Option 2: 1 x Savoury, 1 x Sandwich, 1 x Sweet, 1 x Salad (250g portion), $27 per person

Option 3: Packed lunch with 1 x Sandwich, 1 x Cookie, & piece of fresh seasonal fruit, $18 per person

Prices include GST. For individually packed lunches, there is a $2 per person fee to cover packaging & extra labour.