Real fruit. Real easy. Delivered to you.

Welcome to Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest is all about feeding you well. That means supplying you & your team with the freshest, tastiest, local fruit, milk, eggs & delicious catering to keep you healthy, productive & happy. 

We work with local growers and foodmakers, or carefully select produce from the wholesale markets, and deliver to your Wellington office any day of the week. 


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What's in season?

Our Autumn/Winter hampers currently have in them- satsuma mandarins*, oranges, green and gold kiwifruit, tamarillos, pears (bosc, winter nelis), apples (jazz, pacific rose, lady in red), All Good Fair Trade bananas &/or grapes. Click below to view our range of fruit hampers. *Due to rain in Gisborne there is a shortage of mandarins and we are sorry that there will only be a few in your hampers this week


“We have finally found our go-to fruit provider in Urban Harvest. The staff are really nice and accommodate any changes and wishes that we have. Great fruit, great service, happy customers."

Chrissy – Parliament Communications Unit

“The team at Urban Harvest was nothing but helpful, taking the time to find out our fruit preferences.  Week on Week we receive a great selection of fresh fruit”

Ajai –The Property Group
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