• Set up a fruit and/or milk subscription

    When adding items you want regularly to your bag select "subscribe" instead of "one off order" and select the frequency you want the order delivered. Then complete the check out process. You can choose to have your order delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Your credit or debit card will be debited on the same day of the week you placed the order rather than the delivery date.

  • Add a product / manage recurring orders

    (e.g. update quantities, swap a product, pause, or skip an order or cancel your subscription) just log into your account, click on"Account"and then"Manage Subscription".

  • Update quantities

    go to 'Manage subscription', select 'Show details' under the subscription you want to update, select 'Edit' next to 'Products in my subscription', adjust the quantity to the desired amount for each item that is in the existing subscription and 'save'.

  • Pause or skip subscription

    go to 'Manage subscription', select 'Show details' under the subscription you want to update, select 'Manage upcoming orders'. To put your subscription on hold select 'Pause Future Orders', to skip a specific delivery date select 'Skip shipment' beside the upcoming order that you would like to skip.

  • Resume subscription

    select 'Resume future orders' near the top of the subscription details.

  • Cancel subscription

    go to 'Manage subscription', select 'Show details' under the subscription you want to update, select 'cancel subscription', choose a cancellation reason and 'confirm'.

  • Reactivate subscription

    select 'View Inactive Subscriptions' at the bottom of the page, then selecting 'Reactivate Subscription > Yes, Reactivate Subscription' under the subscription that you would like to reactivate.

Any issues please email us at info@urbanharvest.co.nz