Our Story

Real fruit. Real easy. Delivered to you.

Urban Harvest is a Wellington-based company working directly with local growers and the wholesale markets to supply the freshest, tastiest, seasonal fruit hampers tailored to suit you & your team. 

We get a total buzz out of what we do & pride ourselves on consistency, flexibility, excellent service and communication.

Let Urban Harvest keep your team healthy, productive and happy with fresh local fruit delivered directly to your workplace any week day.

• Encouraging healthy snacking. A healthy team is more effective and resilient, and less likely to take sick leave.

• No more afternoon slumps. Sugar crashes are unproductive – staff benefit from the sustained release of the natural energy in fruit.

• Your team will love you! Providing free fruit for your teams is a simple way to show you value them and improves morale & well-being.

Convenient, simple, easy to set up with no contracts - we can even deliver milk (dairy and non-dairy), eggs and freshly baked goodies from Jelly Belly Catering!


Food for Homes too!

We can deliver fruit, milk, eggs and snacks to homes too. Just create and pay for your shopping list by 9am Friday (or set up a recurring order at a frequency that suits you) and we'll drop your shopping at your doorstep the following Sunday or Monday (depending on your address). Or you can pop in to pick up your order if you're passing. Now that's convenience.

Delicious baking, salads, sammies and more!

Jelly Belly Catering is the little sister of Urban Harvest. We create delicious, memorable and wholesome food to keep you, your team and your clients healthy, happy and fed!

If you're organising catering, drop us a line at jellybellycatering@gmail.com or call 021 440 487.  If you can't find what you're looking for, then get in touch. We even take requests!! 

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