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From December 2002, owner Murray Langham has been operating Schoc Chocolates out of a tiny turn-of-the century cottage, in gourmet Greytown’s main street (the original confectioners shop) making sumptuous hand-made chocolates and operating a small Chocolate Therapy studio. With 60 flavours in the Schoc tablet range alone - there is a chocolate that is perfect for you. Urban Harvest is currently stocking 5 different flavoured tablets (ginger, lemongrass, tangerine, coffee & walnut and rose dark) but will add to these over the next few months  - if you have a special request for a particular Schoc flavour, please do email me at jo.freeman@urbanharvest.co.nz and...

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Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Meat Suppliers, Pork -

Cameron Harrison Butchery & Delicatessen was established by Rob Cameron and Simon Harrison in 2009. This year they received not just one but two gold awards at the 100% NZ Bacon and Ham Competition. It's official; Cameron Harrison make the best ham in NZ and they do it the old fashioned way. With 20 years butchery experience under his belt, Rob Harrison doesn't cut corners. He starts with the best ingredients and prepares every ham, and all their other products, with time care and attention. And you can taste the difference.  Cameron Harrison have two retail shops in Ngaio & Kelburn Village...

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Bakery Suppliers, Montfoort -

Montfoort makes delicious Dutch fare, using honest ingredients, traditional methods and carefully crafted recipes.  As the daughter of a Dutchman, Eloise van Wynbergen was raised on a strict diet of stroopwafels, licorice and speculaas. Not to mention the expertly crafted kroketten and appeltaarts that her kiwi mother whipped up with ease! After a trip to the motherland and experiencing the goods first hand, Eloise was convinced fresh is best. And so along came Montfoort. With a simple, yet exciting mission: To showcase the best of Dutch street food using honets, fresh ingredients and traditional methods, while keeping it inventive and fun.  Every weekend you'll...

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Dairy Suppliers, Milk -

Lewis Road Creamery are on a mission. To create the worlds best dairy produce right here in New Zealand. And we think they're well on the way to achieving their mission! The team at Lewis Road Creamery are all about quality over quantity and take their dairy produce seriously. They began with a little Dutch churn in a converted shipping container in Lewis Road, Bay of Plenty, and now have a dedicated creamery at Mangatawhiri. Their range of milk products are all certified organic by AsureQuality and are free from permeate. Their happy cows are not fed palm kernel expeller (PKE) and...

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Fish, Fish Factory -

In the 1970s, George Katsoulis, an innovative Greek Romanian immigrant, opened a small retail fish shop in Cuba St Wellington called the Fish Factory, supplying locally caught fish to Wellington residents along with traditional kiwi fish & chips. The Fish Factory was the first fish shop to offer crumbed fish to customers in Wellington. Since then the Fish Factory has evolved, moving away from retail in the 1990s into the wholesale supply of fish to supermarkets and some of Wellington's best restaurants. But the Fish Factory is still a family business and remains true to its core philosophy of sourcing...

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