The Urban Harvest Burger by Al Brown

Like all great dishes, even a simple Cheese Burger rises out of the ordinary when you use great products in its preparation. These burgers will quickly become a classic family favourite.

Step 1. Beef Patties

1 kg Harrington's premium beef mince
4 T of Zoe's Garden Spiced Tomato Jam
1 Benniks free range egg
1 Benniks free range egg yolk
1 cup of bread crumbs
1 onion 
Sea salt & fresh black pepper


Place the beef mince, tomato jam, whole egg and yolk along with the bread crumbs and diced onion in a bowl. Add a liberal amount of sea salt and fresh black pepper. Using your clean hands mix the ingredients thoroughly until well combined. Portion out 8 even balls of the mix.  

To form the burger patties toss the portioned balls back and forth between your hands to help bind the pattie so it stays together when you cook it. Then slam it down on a clean bench or board and form into a circle burger pattie. Take a knife slide under the pattie to remove off the surface and place on oiled tray. Repeat until all are formed. Refrigerate until required.

Step 2. Burger Set up

8 x Brumby's Scotch Rolls
2 x red onions
3 x large tomatoes
1 x iceberg lettuce
300g halloumi or other cheese. I like Kingmeade Emmental personally.
Zoe's Garden Red pepper relish or a tomato relish
Good quality mayonnaise or aioli

Slice the burger buns through the centre. For the red onions, slice into rings. For the tomatoes slice into thickish circles and for the lettuce break down into individual leaves. Cut the halloumi in thin slices if using.

Step 3. Cooking and serving

Cooking oil
Burger Patties
Burger Buns & ingredients.

Preheat the oven if cooking the burgers on the stove top. Heat up the flat top of the bbq or a skillet on medium high heat. Season the patties with salt & pepper. Cook 4 at a time. Once golden brown on the first side turn and place a couple of slices of Halloumi (or other cheese) on top of each pattie. Close the bbq lid or place the burgers in the oven to finish cooking and to help melt the cheese. Keep warm while you repeat with the remaining patties.

Heat up the burger buns. To put together, slice the buns, spread some mayo or aioli on the underside of all the burger bun halves. Place the bases down on a clean surface and add a couple of lettuce leaves then place the cooked patties on top. Add a dollop of the relish then finish by adding the red onion rings and tomato rounds. Lastly add the top half of the buns, pass them about & get stuck in!

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