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If you’re feeling a bit leafy greened out, then this week our Petite Produce Box is for you. Packed full of variety your meal options for the week could include; A Salad Nicoise, just add some Bennicks Free Range eggs and juicy Plentiful Kalamata Olives Red Pepper Pesto with any Bongusto Fresh Pasta you fancy Roasted Greek Salad with some Ceres Organics Basmati Rice, just remember to pick up some Kingsmeade Castlepoint Feta ‘Eco Pork’ loin chops with creamy mushrooms and spinach Broccoli and feta fritters with lemony carrot and roasted pepper salad Or… If like me, you are still...

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Some days I just don’t want lots of washing up and when I’m fighting the urge to retire at 6pm with a jar of Fix and Fogg and a little light reading, only this one pot wonder can save me. Chicken with Chorizo, Chickpeas and Kale This easy, wholesome and super satisfying meal can be served as a rustic stew with a lovely thick wedge of Leeds Street Bakery Rosemary and Polenta bread or you could ‘pimp’ it up by serving it with some Zoes Garden Cauliflower 'Couscous'  (Simply chop your cauli florets into smallish pieces and pulse in the...

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Lamb, beetroot and feta, is one of those heavenly combinations that is just a perfect marriage of flavours. The lamb backstraps, Te Manaia beetroot and Kingsmeade Castlepoint Feta used in this dish combine beautifully to create a delicious Winter salad. Serves 6 Step 1. Cooking Beetroot Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Remove any leafy tops off 2 bunches of baby beetroot (or 500g of big beetroot) and discard. Place them in a small oven proof dish, pour over 1/3 cup canola oil along with 1/3 cup water. Cover with foil and roast in the oven for an hour or so until...

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At this time of year, I generally need a little inspiration to keep my Winter greens interesting. This often just involves adding some garlic, chilli, citrus or a variety of Asian sauces. Here are a few of my favourite "green" combinations for you to try: Kylie Kwong's stir-fried cavolo nero with ginger & lemon: Trim away cavolo nero stems and roughly cut leaves. Heat 3T olive oil in a wok, add 5cm ginger (finely sliced) and stir-fry for 30 seconds. Then add cavolo nero & stir fry for 2 mins. Ad 2T tamari and juice of 1 lemon and stir-fry for...

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Hayden, Al's Sous Chef, came up with this dish and it fast became a family favourite for the Winter months. It’s sort of a cross between a stew and a soup, with wonderful rich and comforting flavours.  It can be made a few days ahead or frozen down. Perfect for lunch with some crusty bread after kids sport on a Saturday morning. Serves 6 Ingredients… 50 ml olive oil800 gm pork or Italian sausages3 garlic (rough chopped)1 cup onions (finely diced)½ cup celery (finely diced)2 cups leeks (sliced into thin rounds)2 bay leaves2 Tbs fresh thyme (finely chopped)2 Tbs fresh sage (finely chopped)2 1/2 L...

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